Dushka Vujovic - w h e t h e r

Jane 2021, February

The images of urban and industrial North American landscapes in Jane’s presentation  w h e t h e r  are a confluence of deep empathy in Dushka Vujovic photography and the digital image-saturated world they spring from. A sequence of 244 Instagram stills projected in continuum transform Jane into a large viewing screen, a light box in the forest. For this exhibition, the haunting, painterly photographs are enlarged and projected in a format that consumes the entire space of the pavilion. Through her photography, Vujovic weighs the affects of engagement in the environments of human and non-human beings, their communication and sentience.

In  w h e t h e r,  the peripheries of industry and digital media feel at once present and removed within the context of Maridalen's forest, reconfirming odd confluences that form us and our reality. The flood of images is simultaneously alien and familiar, forwarding a complex reality normally relegated to the periphery of consciousness – to a place most familiar to wanderers of forests, and wastelands. The striking colour saturated installation in Jane is a convergence of their atmospheres, an existential climate we inadvertently propagate, lucidly or obliviously, as life.

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